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You operate a flowers delivery service, and coordinate suppliers nation-wide. Let’s assume that Valentine’s Day is approaching. This time of year always sees a surge in AdWords ads for flowers, and the keywords are likely to be “Valentine’s Day” as the occasion, the searcher’s locality, e.g., “New York”, the type of flowers, e.g., “roses”, and perhaps the colour, e.g., “red” or type of delivery, e.g., “free”, “local”.

Example 2

Search term: tulips free delivery in Boise

The ‘base bid’ was specified as $0.25 in AdWords Campaign Manager, as in Example 1. In this Ad Group, however, you ignored the colours and used “free delivery” as one of the keywords. The population is less in Boise; so, that keyword’s value was reduced by $0.10. The popularity of “tulips” set its premium at $0.03, and “free delivery” is worth $0.05. Because this phrase contains 3 keywords, its value was reduced by $0.05. Because the search term contains the word “in”, ACM generated a broad match phrase at a premium of $0.10. ACM calculates your bid for this phrase at $0.28.

Example 1

Search term: red roses new york valentines day

It doesn’t matter that the apostrophe is missing from “valentine’s”, because both versions of this entire phrase were generated by AdWords Campaign Manager. The ‘base bid’ was specified in ACM as $0.25. New York is an expensive city; so, you set the premium for this keyword at $0.10. Roses are most popular; so, set its premium at $0.05. The keyword “red” is worth $0.02 and “valentines day” $0.03. This 4-keyword phrase is less likely to be searched than a shorter one; so, 4-word phrases are reduced by $0.15, and exact match by $0.10. ACM calculates your bid for this phrase at $0.20.

Example 3

Search term: red roses new york valentines day (Google AdWords Content Network option)

Usually CPC bids on the Content Network are less than those for Google’s Search Traffic. Not only does ACM enable you to change thousands of bids just by adjusting the ‘base bid’, but it also gives you tighter control over the way the bids are calculated, I.e., by percentage, rather than by absolute dollar  amounts. So, ‘base bid’ here was $0.05. “New York” premium was 140%. “Roses” was set at 120%, “red” at 108%, and “valentines day” at 112%. ACM calculates your bid for this particular phrase at $0.09. The percentage algorithm is applied to the other 1000s of  keyword phrases likewise.

You’d normally take about an hour to set up an Ad Group, including an Ad Variation template, with AdWords Campaign Manager – not much more time than usual. The difference is one of scale. ACM multiplies your effort thousandfold. Moreover, all AdWords Campaign Manager needs as raw material is simple text files of keywords, such as a list of colours, a list of flowers, a list of towns, a list of prepositions, etc.

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