AdWords Campaign Manager

Manage profitable Google AdWords campaigns with low cost per click by leveraging one
Ad into hundreds, each containing its own relevant target keywords with unique CPC bids.

AdWords Campaign Manager

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The Google AdWords management tool for professionals

“Dominate your industry!”

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AdWords Campaign Manager


The AdWords Campaign Manager is "gearing" software that multiplies your effort in the creation and management of Google AdWords campaigns, be you expert or novice. Or, if you've been discouraged from taking the plunge into Google AdWords advertising by the risk of high costs, AdWords Campaign Manager can minimize that risk.


What can AdWords Campaign Manager do for you?




Keyword Bids


The Secret of AdWords Success – Targeting and Relevance


All this is made possible on such a huge scale only by the “brute force” algorithms of the AdWords Campaign Manager software.

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Abacus Data Systems policy for its software products is to fill gaps in the market, not to reinvent the wheel. You can be certain that there is no other software in existence at any price able to do all that the AdWords Campaign Manager does. You can therefore be sure that, as an Abacus customer, you’ll be able to achieve results that your competitors cannot.


Since 1998 Abacus Data Systems International has developed strength in producing business software applications, both simple and complex, for desktop use and for the Web. Abacus is acclaimed for its world-class expertise in the design of web sites, databases, user interfaces, user guides, training courses, pay-per-click advertising management.


Abacus Data subjects all its software to rigorous testing, in order to give its world-wide clients confidence that its products are unlikely to fail.

Google AdWords Campaign Manager software

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